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The Daily Show's Resident Expert and a contributor to McSweeney's, John Hodgman has become a famous minor television personality as the PC in the Mac commercials. He has served as humor editor for The New York Times Magazine and is author of "The Areas of My Expertise" and "More Information Than you Require." John Hodgman and John Moe first met as writers on McSweeneys.net. John talked with his longtime friend about everything but the topic at hand. Neil Gaiman, author of "Coraline," "The Graveyard Book" and "The Sandman" graphic novel series among other works, took part in the conversation by phone from "somewhere unlikely." ... which actually turned out to be onstage. John Roderick, podcaster and musician, joined John Munson and the band for some musical numbers.

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The Guests


John Hodgman


John Hodgman is an author, humorist, actor, and expert. He is a frequent contributor to "This American Life," appears regularly on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," has appeared on NBC's "Community" and "30 Rock," HBO's "Bored to Death," and was the PC in a series of ads for Apple computers. Hodgman is the author of the "COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE" trilogy, a compendium of invented trivia and completely fake facts. He hosts the "Judge John Hodgman" podcast, and in 2013, he released the original comedy special, "John Hodgman: Ragnarok" on Netflix.


John Roderick


John Roderick is the songwriter and singer/guitarist of The Long Winters, forming the band from a mound of clay back in 2001. Widely acclaimed as one of America’s preeminent artists, credited with resurrecting Seattle’s moribund music scene and bringing new life to the rock genre, John also writes his own press bios. A central figure in the Northwest music community, John nevertheless maintains his outsider status by being both dangerously edgy and completely huggable, in contravention of established Seattle practice. Equally talented at almost any instrument, (except guitar, at which he is even more talented), John has made it nearly impossible for any other musicians to find work in Washington State, effectively playing ALL the music that needs to be played. John is also a widely respected journalist, an extensively quoted author and philosopher, a prima ballerina, a cowboy and an astronaut.


Neil Gaiman


Neil Gaiman is one of the most engaging, smart writers we know. Turns out he's pretty funny, too. He's behind the Sandman graphic novels - the only comics to ever make the New York Times bestseller list. He's won a ton of awards for his writing - The Newberry Medal, the Carnegie Medal in Literature the Bram Stoker award. His written books and screenplays - "American Gods", "The Graveyard Book", "Coraline", "Beowulf".