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On this week's episode of Wits, top stand-up comedian, and 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live veteran, Hannibal Buress tells about the made-up childhood of Alex Trebek, hip hop artist Open Mike Eagle has a hitherto unexplored question for the Party People, and we find out what you really get at a deli when you place a certain lunch order. Plus, a Pop Song Correspondence from Journey's put-upon editor.

Episode Rundown

Start Time: 7:00

Hannibal Buress throws a parade… for himself


Start Time: 10:35

Your guide to this summer’s biggest movies

Start Time: 15:00

Open Mike Eagle performs ‘The Processional (The Funeral March)’


Start Time: 22:38

Deciphering the deli code

Start Time: 27:00

Open Mike Eagle performs ‘Qualifiers’

Start Time: 39:25

Pop Song Correspondences: Don’t Stop Believin’


Start Time: 30:42

Lightning Round: Nevada’s kind of dope

Start Time: 51:50

Open Mike Eagle performs “Blister in the Sun’



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The Guests


Hannibal Buress


Hannibal Buress has made prime-time appearances on Louie and on 30 Rock, and he's worked as a writer for 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live. Chris Rock says Hannibal is "the funniest young comic [he's] seen in years." Hannibal released his debut comedy album, My Name Is Hannibal, in 2010. His latest Comedy Central special is Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace.


Open Mike Eagle


The LA Times calls Open Mike Eagle "one of LA's smartest young voices." He has released three albums and has collaborated with P.O.S. and MC Paul Barman. Mike has also bridged rap and comedy, rapping at shows by some of our favorite comedians, including Paul F. Tompkins and Hannibal Buress.




P.O.S., aka Stefon Alexander, is a co-founder of the Minneapolis hip hop collective Doomtree, a punk philosopher and a lyrical bomb-thrower. He has four albums to date: Ipecac Neat (2004), Audition (2006), Never Better (2009) and We Don’t Even Live Here (2012). Stefon hosts a new show on 89.3 The Current, called P.O.S. is Ruining The Current, which airs Saturdays at 11 p.m. He’ll be performing at Soundset 2013 in Shakopee, Minn., on Sunday, May 26. He'll make a special two-song appearance on Wits.