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This week on Wits, we visit with comedian, actor and longtime comedy partner of Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter, as well as internationally renowned vocalist/beatboxer/comic Reggie Watts. Check out the next big hit TV show Mummytown, hear letters from the Civil War soldiers long forgotten - the animal regiments, and learn why Elton John gets fired by NASA in our Pop Song Correspondence.

Episode Rundown

Start Time: 5:07

Wits History Foundation: This Week in 1861

civil warCivil War letters from the sharks and battle giraffes of the long-forgotten past are dusted off and shared with listeners.

Start Time: 17:10

Reggie Watts plays ‘Game On’


Start Time: 20:18

Wits Game Show: Pitch Season

In Hollywood, pitch season rides in on a wave of dreams cresting with horrible, horrible ideas. Why not, at least, have a little fun while listening to pitches? John Moe serves up the names of new, fake shows. It’s Andy Richter’s job to come up with the premise, while Reggie Watts writes the theme song.

Start Time: 29:39

Reggie Watts plays ‘Please Return the Vial’


Start Time: 35:14

Pop Song Correspondences: Rocket Man


Start Time: 40:25

Camp Crystal Lake Misunderstandings

campsJason attempts to quell the concerns of parents who are reluctant to send their children to a camp run by a terrifying murder monster.

Start Time: 43:53

Lightning Round: Mystical Fever Bats


Start Time: 47:34

Reggie Watts plays ‘Tarts’



The Guests


Reggie Watts


Reggie Watts is an internationally renowned vocalist, beat-boxer, musician, comedian and improv-master who amazes audiences with his unpredictable performances which he creates on-the-spot using only his formidable voice and looping pedals.


Andy Richter


Andy Richter has been on television for 20 years, and he can currently be seen every weeknight on "Conan" on TBS.  In addition to numerous primetime guest-starring roles, Richter starred in the series "Andy Barker, P.I.," and the Emmy-nominated, "Andy Richter Controls the Universe." His feature film work includes Robert Altman's "Dr. T and the Women," "Elf," "Talladega Nights," and the animated "Madagascar" movies.