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In this episode of Wits, punk rock icon Henry Rollins tells us why he wants to be in a constant state of agitation, Lissie bewitches us all with her songs, and the two compete in our Wits game show.

Episode Rundown

Start Time: 5:23

Radio Trailers for Upcoming Films

Start Time: 17:06

Lissie plays ‘When I’m Alone’


Start Time: 23:23

Lissie visits Boyfriend Express

listen lisa

In an effort to land that chart-topping hit, Lissie pays a visit to a consulting service that specializes in matching musicians with terrible relationship partners.

Start Time: 28:44

Pop Song Correspondences: Piano Man

A bar manager slips a note into the piano man’s pocket after a string of complaints about his recent performances.

Start Time: 35:02

Lissie plays ‘Everywhere I Go’


Start Time: 39:16

Wits Game Show: I Was Into Their Earlier Stuff

Start Time: 49:44

Lightning Round: Get A Lawyer, Son



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The Guests

Henry Rollins


For better than a quarter century, Henry Rollins has toured the world as a spoken word artist, as frontman for both Rollins Band and Black Flag and -- without a microphone -- as a solitary traveler with insatiable curiosity bypassing the resorts in favor of places like Siberia and Senegal, Burma and Bangladesh. Rollins is an actor, radio DJ and author of more than 20 books. His latest talking tour, titled Capitalism, hits all 50 state capitals and concludes on election eve in Washington, DC



Lissie  is Laurel Canyon prettiness stewed in campfire and bourbon with a big old voice to match. She caught everyone's attention with her 2009 EP "Why You Runnin" and again with her 2010 album "Catching a Tiger." Paste Magazine called the Rock Island, Ill.-born Lissie the "Best New Solo Artist of 2010" and the BBC said "Give the girl a second and she'll steal your heart." Lissie is currently recording and will release her second album in 2013.