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On this week's episode, comedian and movie director Bobcat Goldthwait talks Bigfoot, singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson explains his love for KISS, and the feud between Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd takes an unexpected turn in Pop Song Correspondences.

Murder Cat vs. Bobcat

Kinks Shirt

Tom Waits “Frozen” Soundtrack Earworm Obliteration System


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The Guests

Bobcat Goldthwait


Bobcat Goldthwait is a comedian, actor, screenwriter and director known for his dark, comedic wit. Goldthwait began his career as one of the most successful and strangest comedians of the '80s with his inimitable, spastic stage persona and his portrayal of the eccentric gang leader Zed in the "Police Academy" series. He's since written and directed "World’s Greatest Dad," "God Bless America," and most recently 2013’s "Willow Creek," a found footage horror film about a young couple who hike into the remote woods in search of Bigfoot. He's also directed episodes of television's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Chappelle’s Show," and "Maron." In 2012, Goldthwait released his comeback stand-up special, "You Don’t Look the Same Either," on Showtime.

Matt Nathanson


"It's okay to show joy," singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson has said, and his charming blend of folk-rock is a testament to that belief. Perhaps best known for his 2008 single, "Come On Get Higher," Nathanson is both an intimate storyteller in the classic folk tradition and a bright pop-rock polymath. Nathanson's song "Kinks Shirt" -- for which Bobcat Goldthwait directed the music video -- was named by USA Today as one of the best songs released in 2013. On his new album, Last of the Great Pretenders, he pays homage to the likes of Elvis Costello, The Kinks, and (of course) The Pretenders.