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On this week’s show, comedian, actor, and author John Hodgman talks about growing up as an only child and embodying every subgenre of nerd at the same time. Also, rapper, writer, and director Jean Grae tells us what it’s like to punch a superhero, and Britney Spears is finally sued for medical malpractice.


Jean Grae – ‘U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow’

Classical Complaints


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The Guests

John Hodgman


John Hodgman is an author, humorist, actor, and expert. He is a frequent contributor to "This American Life," appears regularly on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," has appeared on NBC's "Community" and "30 Rock," HBO's "Bored to Death," and was the PC in a series of ads for Apple computers. Hodgman is the author of the "COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE" trilogy, a compendium of invented trivia and completely fake facts. He hosts the "Judge John Hodgman" podcast, and in 2013, he released the original comedy special, "John Hodgman: Ragnarok" on Netflix.

Jean Grae


Critically acclaimed lyricist, producer, writer, director, cinematographer and all around consummate entertainer, Jean Grae has been challenging the boundaries of artistry since her debut in 1996. Grae has worked alongside Mos Def, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Pharoahe Monch, and a list that this very small bio cannot contain. Sorry, bio. Grae recently made her directorial debut and created her company, "Kids Are Gonna Die." With videos for The Hellpit Faeries, Talib Kweli and herself under her belt, she created "Life With Jeannie" a half-hour sitcom, written, directed by and starring Grae. Grae's latest releases are Gotham Down cycles 1-3 and #HolidaysYall.