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On this week's show, NFL punter/author Chris Kluwe and comedian/author Dave Hill join the Cop Squadron, and Sara Watkins sings songs from her latest album, Sun Midnight Sun. Plus, we hear a Pop Song Correspondence from the Rocknrollsburg civil engineering department to Mayor Grace Slick, and we get a peek at Dr. Valverde's Insect Spa ... not a spa for insects, but a spa filled with insects.

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Turbo Sports Vodka

Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft) is a busy man. Not only is he a professional punter, he’s an author, an activist, and a dad. So, when he needs an extra pick-me-up to stay sharp, energized, and dulled all day long, he turns to Turbo Sports Vodka. Featuring John Munson (@Munsongs), Janey Winterbauer (@Winnerbowzer), and the Witnesses.

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Dr. Valverde’s Bug Spa

Singer/fiddler Sara Watkins (@SaraWatkins) learns about a terrifyingly relaxing spa treatment from Witnesses singer Janey Winterbauer (@Winnerbowzer) and Dr. Jimothy Valverde, played by @Wits host John Moe (@johnmoe). He is the purveyor of a new kind of stress cure, and together with Janey, they pitch all the soothing, horrific services Dr. Valverde’s All-Natural Insect Spa has to offer.


The Guests

Chris Kluwe


Chris Kluwe grew up in Southern California among a colony of wild chinchillas and didn't learn how to communicate outside of barking and howling until he was fourteen years old. He has played football in the NFL, once wrestled a bear for a pot of gold, and lies occasionally. He is also the eternal disappointment of his mother, who just can't understand why he hasn't cured cancer yet. But he does have a new book, “Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies: On Myths, Morons, Free Speech, Football and Assorted Absurdities.” Do you know why these bio things are in third person? I have no idea. Please tell me if you figure it out.

Dave Hill


Dave Hill is a comedian, writer, musician, and actor originally from Cleveland now living in NYC.  Dave's book, a collection of essays called Tasteful Nudes...and Other Misguided Attempts at Personal Growth and Validation, received praise from Vanity Fair, LA Weekly, The Atlantic, Vice, Nylon and US Weekly, among others. Dave was named by Variety Magazine as "10 Comics to Watch," is also a frequent contributor to This American Life and the host of the wildly popular podcast The Dave Hill Incident. His band Valley Lodge will release their new LP Use Your Weapons this Fall.

Sara Watkins


Sara Watkins was eight when she started performing with the Grammy Award-winning bluegrass-folk trio Nickel Creek as a fiddle player and singer. Twenty years later, she released her first solo album – the BBC has said she's got "the kind of voice that gives your goose bumps the shivers.” She and her brother Sean (also in Nickel Creek) host the Watkins Family Hour at L.A.'s eclectic comedy and music club Largo at the Coronet. She's also a frequent guest on A Prairie Home Companion and is the only artist to have guest-hosted an entire episode of the show. Her latest and second solo album is called "Sun Midnight Sun."