About the Show

Rhett Miller is a singer-songwriter and front man of the Old 97's and a friend of the show. He stops by to talk about how touring with the same batch of guys is way different in your 40s than in your 20s. He also plays a song that's all about a daydream of romance wherein his heart gets crushed. We listen back to Rhett's appearance in the Wits game show from March of 2012. It is both hilarious and bittersweet. And we get a visit from Jan the custodian.

The Guests

Tim Meadows


Tim Meadows is one of the longest-running cast members in "Saturday Night Live" history. If you watched SNL at any point in the 90s, you likely saw him playing anyone from Oprah Winfrey to Michael Jackson, but he may be best known for his character Leon Phelps, "The Ladies' Man." Meadows later starred in the movie of the same name and has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows like "Mean Girls," "The Office," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "The Colbert Report" and more.

Rhett Miller


Rhett Miller is the front man and main songwriter for alt-country favorites the Old 97’s, as well as a solo artist critically –acclaimed for his clever word play and pop song-smithing. His music has appeared in movies like “The Break-Up” and TV shows like “Scrubs,” and Rhett himself has appearaed on “30 Rock.” He’s also written for Rolling Stone, McSweeney’s and The Atlantic. His latest solo album is “The Dreamer,” and the latest Old 97's album is “Most Messed Up."