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On this week's episode of Wits, comedian Paul F. Tompkins performs one-star reviews of classic literature from Amazon.com and competes against rock band Yo La Tengo in the Wits Game Show. Plus, a cruise ship where anything goes. Anything.

Episode Rundown

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Si Se Tango vs. Yo La Tengo

Indie Rock titans Yo La Tengo (@TheRealYLT) run into their enemy band, Si Se Tango (John Munson and the Witnesses), led by Raúl Fuego (comedian Paul F. Tompkins [@PFTompkins]). After Raúl challenges Yo La Tengo to a song off, @Wits host John Moe (@johnmoe) must judge once and for all who the better Spanish-named band is and finally put an end to one of music’s most storied rivalries.

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Amazon Review Theater

Comedian Paul F. Tompkins (@PFTompkins) is more than just a renowned jokesmith; he is a thespian of the highest order. In this segment, Paul shows off his acting talents with dramatic interpretations of some of the world’s most profound literature…one-star reviews from Amazon.com.

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Wits Game Show feat. Paul F. Tompkins and Yo La Tengo

Indie Rock vets Yo La Tengo (@TheRealYLT) take on comedian Paul F. Tompkins (@PFTompkins) in a @Wits game show called, “I Was Into Their Earlier Stuff.” The game turns Paul F. Tompkins into a musical historian who must tell the origin stories of classic made-up bands like Ghost Meat and French Toast Kiss, while Yo La Tengo performs the bands’ hit singles.


The Guests

Paul F. Tompkins


Paul F. Tompkins is one of the most charming, quick-witted and popular comedians on the scene. Tompkins has recorded four stand-up specials for Comedy Central, and hosts the "Speakeasy" web series. Tompkins is an Emmy-nominated writer for “Mr. Show with Bob and David,” and has appeared in movies including “There Will Be Blood” and “the Informant!” His most recent comedy albums include “Freak Wharf” and “Laboring Under Delusions.”

Yo La Tengo


Yo La Tengo is one of the most beloved and respected bands in America. For nearly thirty years, Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew have enjoyed success entirely on their own terms. Released January 2013, their 13th (depending who you ask) LP, Fade, is the most direct, personal and cohesive album of their career.