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This week, comedian, actor and author Michael Ian Black joins Cop Squadron, indie-pop powerhouse singer/songwriter A.C. Newman writes a very catchy theme song for the canceled show "Mr. Nebulous," and we hear where babies really come from. Really.

Episode Rundown

Start Time: 4:30

The Truth About the Birds and the Bees


Start Time: 15:03

Those Who Did Not Make The Cut: Rice Krispies Mascotts

Start Time: 16:38

A.C. Newman plays ‘I’m Not Talking’


Start Time: 24:37

Wits Game Show: Why the Ax Came Down


Start Time: 31:04

Those Who Did Not Make The Cut: The Village People

Start Time: 35:05

The Mad Men Show: Episode 2

Start Time: 39:20

Pop Song Correspondences: Mr. Tambourine Man


Start Time: 43:59

Cop Squadron: Snobs Versus Slobs


Start Time: 49:08

A.C. Newman plays ‘Do Your Own Time’


Start Time: 54:04

Bonus Musical Guest: Lucy Michelle



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The Guests

Michael Ian Black


Michael Ian Black probably first made you laugh right out of college in the iconic 1990s MTV series, The State. He later played bowling-alley manager Phil Stubbs in the long-running NBC dramedy, Ed. He tours the country doing stand-up comedy when not developing new series, writing films like Run, Fatboy, Run, entertaining his 1,750,000 Twitter followers, composing mind-blowing essays and authoring books for kids of all ages.

A.C. Newman


A.C. Newman is a full-fledged power-pop genius. He's the main songwriter and vocalist of The New Pornographers, and he's also a successful solo artist. A.C.'s most recent solo album, Shut Down the Streets, explores themes of life, death and parenthood in a way that is simultaneously emotionally fraught and spiritually contented.

Lucy Michelle


At 25, Lucy Michelle is a songwriter as serious as they come. Twin Cities natives will know her as frontwoman of gypsy-pop outfit Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, a raucous and eclectic six-piece. In April of 2013, Lucy will release her debut solo album, Attack of the Heart, which is co-produced by John Munson and Chan Poling.