About the Show

In this week's episode, comedian and actress Kristen Schaal appears as a jaded hamster and a cop who's just had her first ever cup of coffee; singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright plays a cat and sings a stunning a cappella version of his song "Candles," and the real estate agent for the B-52's has a hard time selling a certain property known as the "Love Shack."

Episode Rundown

Start Time: 9:43

Prison Hamster Shows New Guy the Ropes

Start Time: 15:55

Rufus Wainwright plays ‘Out of the Game’

Start Time: 23:40

Wits Game Show: Breaking Up is Hard to Do


Start Time: 30:00

Rufus Wainwright plays ‘Candles’

Start Time: 35:00

Pop Song Correspondences: Love Shack


Start Time: 39:30

Cop Squadron: Coffee Cop

Start Time: 46:01

Rufus Wainwright plays ‘The Art Teacher’


Start Time: 50:15

Lightning Round: Bigger, Faster, Louder



The Guests

Kristen Schaal


Kristen Schaal is unforgettable as stalker fan Mel from HBO's Flight of the Conchords and as Hazel Wassername on NBC's 30 Rock. Kristen currently voices the character Louise on FOX TV's Bob's Burgers and the character Mabel on Disney Channel's Gravity Falls. She and her husband are co-authors of the humor book, The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex.

Rufus Wainwright


Rufus Wainwright is one of the great male singer/songwriters of his generation. Born into a musical family, Rufus has achieved success in the worlds of rock, opera, theatre, dance and film. He's released six studio albums and two live LPs, including a Judy Garland tribute. His latest album is Out of the Game.